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The Frame Perfects

The Neon Night Hard Drive - CD Version

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"Good synthwave music seems to come and go with the indie movies that inspire them. Instead of waiting for another fad, Ottawa's The Frame Perfects deliver some glossy vintage synth work that will scratch that itch left by bands like Lost Years."

-Ottawa Life Magazine, February 5, 2018


The first longform music project brought to you by The Frame Perfects. Chill out and groove along with a real life actual-factual Compact Disc. This CD contains a super secret (shhhhh) song from our next upcoming album, and includes a digital download which has a secret song of its own! Truly this is the best option to get the complete experience. Download includes separate 320 .mp3s, and a nonstop .mp3 for your listening pleasure.

For a limited time get a free button to celebrate our debut performance on September 18th 2019!