Questions About Purchasing

What am I buying?

A single .zip file containing the music files. There are two copies, one in the lossless wav format and one in mp3 at 320kbps. There will be split tracks as well as a single non-stop track which itself is about 30 minutes in length.

What happens after I purchase?

A thank-you page will appear and a link to directly download the file will appear there after a few minutes. In my experience it only took about two minutes to appear on average but it may take you slightly more or less time. An email will be sent confirming your order, and a second email will arrive a couple minutes later with another link to download the file. The time it takes these things to happen can vary on a number of factors so best to give it a good 5 minutes or so. If something goes really wrong just email me your order number.

How many times can I download the file?

The link will only function for three downloads. The music itself has no DRM or anything that would prevent you from transferring it among your personal devices after download. If you need more downloads for any reason then send us an email and we'll reset them.

You get a bonus track for purchasing here. What's so special about this place?

This site will become the hub for all things related to The Frame Perfects. Announcements, merchandise, live show dates and other such things will be here. Also we don't get hit with any fees when you purchase here, everything goes towards the artists rather than hosting and payment processing and stuff, so consider the bonus track an incentive to do your shopping here!

Your music sucks and I want a refund.

The entire album minus the bonus track is on Youtube so please don't message me about your buyer's remorse. Spend money here if you want to support local artists, that's all.